Friday, June 27, 2008

The Springs Aquatic Center

We visited the aquatic center with the cousins this week. They had a lot of fun. It was neat to see Leo so mesmerized by the water.

Sage, Solomon, and our neighbor Abby enjoyed the slides. They also went on the lazy river with me.

Jack and Roland were adventurous enough to try the high dive and the extreme water slides. It was a fun day seeing my beautiful cousins, sister, and family having fun.

Garden in full swing!

Harvested some great radishes and lettuce from the garden last week! My beets, carrots, onions and tomatoes are coming in fine. I can't wait for some garden tomatoes!

Fathers Day at the KC Zoo

We headed to the KC Zoo on Fathers Day again this year. We barely escaped a huge downpour but we had a great time.

Kung Fu Panda

So we went to see Kung Fu Panda a while back. It was a great movie. We laughed a lot. Here are a few pics of the kids after the movie. Notice the Daniel-San pose by Solomon.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Baby Leo is sitting now!

My nephew is sitting now! He first sat at the Great Wolf Lodge on Solomon's birthday. I was lucky enough to catch a few shots of the moment.
Isn't that the cutest smile EVAH?

Solomon's 4th Birthday Party

Solomon's car hauler, from the Strange's. Thanks!
Getting ready to blow out the candles!
A toast to family!
He was so excited to be in the Kid's Cabin.
Love those dinosaurs, Grandma Kay! Thanks!
Yeah, this boy can never have enough hot wheels.
Some very cool gifts from Aunt Kristie. Thanks!

Solomon had a great birthday party. I think he may have grown overnight.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Royals Game!

We had great fun at the Royals Game yesterday. I forgot to bring my camera though.
The Royals won 6-1 against the Indians. Thanks to Grandma Kay for helping me out with the kids! After the game we came home, ordered pizza, and rented The Benchwarmers. Then we all crashed. Busy day!