Saturday, May 31, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Luke taking a chance at splashing his big brother.
Luke getting ready to run for his life as Jack starts to get up.
Solomon and Luke splashing each other. This way neither of them gets water in their eyes.
Jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. Do you see the rainbow?
More action shots of the extreme jumping.
Sadie the swimming dog.

Friday, May 30, 2008

A Much More Laid Back Day 2

Day 2 with the nephews is much more laid back. I think we were all a little tired from last nights campfire and hide and seek in the dark. It rained a bit today, but otherwise really hot and humid. We went to Jesse James Park, and the kids really enjoyed it. It has a huge play structure with slides, ladders, ropes, and all kinds of stuff.

Funny face Solomon. I swear I can't get any pictures of him being serious.
Here is Roland at the very top of the ropes. He was really proud of himself. He thought maybe he could see all the way to Virginia from there.

This is water, not Sprite.

The kids at the pond. They had a good time throwing sticks in. Sadie really wanted to swim, but I couldn't convince Jack to let her go.

Roland and Sage are so cute together. I think they would both vote each other as their favorite cousins. A little flower behind the ear from Roland. How sweet.

The boys acting like alligators by the pond.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Nephews: Pictures of Day 1

Ok, so I am new to blogger and the sequential part of me really wants to post these pictures in chronological order but I can't figure it out.
Are these two holding hands??
Maren and that rascal Sadie.
The most love I've ever seen between a wet boy and a wet dog.
Meatball subs on whole wheat buns! Yeah, we are healthy here!
Roland, playing the grumpy old troll under the bridge at the park.
Seriously, isn't Sage a poser??
Don't tell Jack, but I caught him peeing behind the bridge. Can you see him?
Guitar hero dancing on the stage at the park.
Sage and Luke had a good time spraying the other kids with water. Man, it was cold.
The whole crew, at the park.
I just love the look on Jacks face here. I drove off with my cell phone and camera on the hood of the car. I realized it after several blocks when I saw the phone still on my hood. We went back and Jack saw and retrieved the camera from the street. It still worked!!!
The neighbor puppy, Brock, laying the smack down on Sadie.

A morning snack, slurping cereal. Jack said, man, I'm glad my mom's not here. She HATES the sound of slurping.

Playing alligator.