Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Nephews: Pictures of Day 1

Ok, so I am new to blogger and the sequential part of me really wants to post these pictures in chronological order but I can't figure it out.
Are these two holding hands??
Maren and that rascal Sadie.
The most love I've ever seen between a wet boy and a wet dog.
Meatball subs on whole wheat buns! Yeah, we are healthy here!
Roland, playing the grumpy old troll under the bridge at the park.
Seriously, isn't Sage a poser??
Don't tell Jack, but I caught him peeing behind the bridge. Can you see him?
Guitar hero dancing on the stage at the park.
Sage and Luke had a good time spraying the other kids with water. Man, it was cold.
The whole crew, at the park.
I just love the look on Jacks face here. I drove off with my cell phone and camera on the hood of the car. I realized it after several blocks when I saw the phone still on my hood. We went back and Jack saw and retrieved the camera from the street. It still worked!!!
The neighbor puppy, Brock, laying the smack down on Sadie.

A morning snack, slurping cereal. Jack said, man, I'm glad my mom's not here. She HATES the sound of slurping.

Playing alligator.

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Jamie said...

So how is it I found your blog by looking at my site meter? Were you going to tell me you had a blog now?

Hope all is well!