Sunday, January 25, 2009

Things you don't know about me

My crazy fried, Jennifer, tagged me in one of those "25 Things You Don't Know About Me" deals. I'll try to come up with as many as possible.

1. I like to consolidate things. I will mix two almost empty bottles of shampoo even if they are different kinds. I do the same thing with cleaning products and food.

2. I can't decide if I believe in God or not.

3. I am a very affectionate person and I love hugs and kisses and just the human touch.

4. I really like to exercise, seriously I do! I just have the hardest time finding time to do it.

5. I have broken my leg, ankle and wrist.

6. I'm just really clumsy. Maybe that has something to do with #5.

7. I'm one of those crazy people that have a hard time relaxing until everything is "in it's place"

8. I've had LOTS of dental work.

9. I have a really bad memory when it comes to my childhood. Ask my sister.

10. I like gore.

How's that for ya?

1 comment:

the higgins' said...

Only 10??? C'mon, you can do better than that.