Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Just an oil change?

My errands yesterday left me with a few big bills! My cracked tooth will cost me a crown (about $300) and my leaky water pump (discovered during the oil change) is going to be around $350. Bummer.

Anyway, it snowed here yesterday, and it was very beautiful.This morning Solomon asked me where the polar bears were. Apparently he thinks that if it snows there should be polar bears!

Sage was tested for her reading today and her teacher told me she is an EFG, and she was an AB at the beginning of the year. Apparently they want all kindergarteners at level C by the end of the year. She's doing great! Loves reading. Makes me SOOO proud to be her momma!

I put curlers in her hair last night and this morning they were beautiful spiral curls. Looked awesome. I told her she looked "righteous" and she asked what it meant. Man I love my kids.

On another note, dropped off some film to my local CVS almost two weeks ago. Found out today that they "lost" the film. I am so bummed. They were pictures Sean took of our visit to see dad after Thanksgiving. I am supposed to stop by CVS tonight so they can explain and I can fill out some kind of paperwork. Pisses me off.


Jamie said...

Yikes! That's an expensive day! Good thing you work!

That's fantastic about Sage's reading!

Searcey said...

By the way, I read your blog as well. Hope you have Happy Holidays!!

Jefast said...

Sage gets it from her Aunt Jessie.