Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Taking a Day Off (with a dentist appt)

I have a dentist appt this morning, I've got a tooth that has been bothering me about a week. Funny thing is, after I made my appointment yesterday it hasn't hurt a bit. It's like when you make a hair appt because you can't stand one more day of your hair and then it fixes beautifully!

Also on the list of things to do today include mailing gifts, UPS'ing some old electronics to a place in Boston for recycling, a bit of shopping for some great deals, an oil change, addressing christmas cards, grading papers, entering grades and making my final exam.

Sean took the kids to school for me today. I'm not sure if I can get this all done before I have to pick them up, but it's worth a try! I've been so overwhelmed with stuff lately I am glad to have the day "off" to gather myself!

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