Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Whole Lotta Mexican Food

Crazy story here. Coming home from work tonight Sage said she wanted to eat at La Fuente. (no coaxing I might add) So we called Sean and he thought it was a good idea. When we got home, we looked up the number, and called and placed the order for Sean to pick up when he got into town. We ordered 3 kids meals-for the kids and I (taco, rice and beans) and carne asada for Sean. We also ordered some queso and chips and salsa.

Sean got home with the food, and I was unpacking it only to realize that it sure didn't look like our order. Sean was very hungry and cranky (side note) I asked him to show me the receipt and he said they didn't give him one, it was just the total. I looked at the total and it was $36! Looked over the food and realized that we had
4 bags of chips, 4 cups of salsa, queso, 3 chicken enchiladas with sides, 2 steak quesadillas, 3 shrimp tacos with sides, and something that looked like a chimichanga. So I called the restaurant and indeed they switched orders. So I asked them if they wanted me to bring all this back and they said no. I went back up to the restaurant and they refunded our first order and gave us the right order (which was only $24). All in all, we have so much mexican food I feel like a fiesta --actually make that a siesta right now.

At least Sean isn't hungry anymore-- but he is still a little grumpy! :)


Jamie said...

Oh, that totally gave me a craving for chips and salsa...thanks a lot!

Jefast said...

Man that is not a bad deal, but a pain to have to go back there...

the higgins' said...

I had no idea you had a blog! I'm so excited someone else I know has one too!!!

And we eat at La Fluente about once a week too.