Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Evening Routine

Our evenings go by so quickly. I try to get home from work by 4 pm, but it's usually around 5. Once I'm home, the first thing to tackle is dinner. While dinner is cooking, I tidy up the kitchen and the house. The kids play outside if the weather is nice. Sean is almost always home before me, so when I get home he is working on the outside chores. This involves feeding and watering the animals and milking. When milking is done, he brings the bucket to me to strain and cool the milk. I can usually count on him being inside and ready for dinner around 6 pm. After dinner, homework begins. Sage has math, spelling, reading, or writing every night. Solomon has to read and practice his spelling words. Then if it is bath night, they hit the tub. If not, we might have time for a game like Go Fish, LEGO's, etc. Then it's almost 8 pm and it's time to brush teeth and go to bed!

After everyone is in bed, if I'm not too tired, I use the computer to read blogs and blog myself!

Tonight our routine was changed a little by Sage's insistence on taking a walk. So we walked around the pond as a family and 2 of the little puppies followed us! We noticed mice trails that were uncovered with the melting snow, muskrat tracks on the pond, and a nice moon. Sean and I chatted about the summer homestead plans.

I feel so lucky to be healthy, happy, and surrounded by love. It's a good life.