Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day Activity: Part 1

Not much going on today. This morning I ventured out to the local BP station to grab some batteries for our wireless indoor/outdoor thermometer. The roads were fine, but it was early. Little by little, more snow piled up. The kids played well together today--they played pirates, Lego stuff, and lots more of their make believe games. Sol convinced me to draw a beard on his face and Sean drew a patch on his eye.

We moved the new puppies into the back porch and moved the goats to a better shelter for the cold day ahead. The kids played outside, Sean and I cleaned out part of the loafing shed (he calls it the loafing shed because the mule likes to hang out in there) to make room for the goats, and I put together my seed order for this summer. It is almost exclusively from Baker Creek . They have a beautiful seed catalog that has great descriptions of the plants.

Here is a pic of the kids venturing outside. I took this

from inside the house...
Hope everyone is staying warm!

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the higgins' said...

I put your link on mine! I thought it was on there. The puppies are adorable. I couldn't look too long or it would be bad news and we would have 3 dogs around here. :)