Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Things

In honor of Valentines Day, some sweet things I've seen lately.

1. Sean painted Sage's toes tonight. Complete with little toenail applique stickers in the shape of butterflies and flowers. Two coats of clear top coat. Awesome. All the while she was beading a bracelet for one of Sean's friends. It had his name on the bracelet in beads.

2. Solomon asking me for a back scratch and saying ohhh... ahhh.... lower mom.... yeah... over to the side.... the kid loves having his back scratched. He MUST be growing because he can't get enough sleep and he ate 3 whole veggie burgers (no bun) noodles and sauce for dinner. This is AFTER a crap load of Valentines Day candy.

3. The puppies. OMG they are amazing. Blue killed an opossum tonight and they were checking the dead thing out. But that's not so cute. The little black one LOVES Sage. I'm serious. It looks at her and follows her and you can just tell that it is in love with her.

4. My good friend Jordan who came to visit me yesterday. He was planning on getting a puppy for his friend but realized that the puppies weren't exactly apartment sized dogs. I was so happy to see him.

5. Sean brought me a cool wooden beaded necklace and earrings from Costa Rica. And some bath soap and honey from one of the local coffee farmers he met. I dig international presents. :)

6. A thought I had. Dad used to buy my sister and me a little red heart shaped box of chocolates for Valentines Day. That was always so special to me. I guess I thought it was weird for a dad to get his daughters a gift on Valentines day but now it's like the sweetest thing ever. And tonight when Sean was painting Sage's nails, I saw how much he loved her when he looked at her.

7. Dove dark chocolate and cherry swirl individually wrapped hearts. YUM!

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